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From an incredibly young age, Dr. Farnsworth knew he was meant to pursue a career in medicine. While studying Pre-Med at LSU, and as an active student athlete, he came to the realization that, while practicing medicine was important, having time to spend with his family would be equally important. This led him to enter dental school, a path that would allow him to care for others as well as his family without having to sacrifice time or quality with either.

While in dental school, he discovered a passion for orthodontics. The excitement he observed in children getting their braces and the joy they expressed when getting them removed ignited a passion for orthodontics. Now, the transformation of smiles, increase in patient self-confidence, continuing education in new technologies, and the close personal relationship he can build with his patients continues to fuel this passion. Dr. Farnsworth takes satisfaction in his ability to use his calming and caring nature to reduce the anxiety and stress of patients who are apprehensive about treatment. Meeting his patients where they are on their journey to better health and ensuring that they feel cared for as an individual is the cornerstone of his practice philosophy.

He never uses a rubber-stamp approach to patient care, every patient is evaluated as a unique case and is presented with multiple options for achieving their dream smile. Ensuring his patients are educated, understand the pros and cons of each treatment, and receive his opinion of each orthodontic care option is an integral part of his practice. Patients and parents are always met with open and honest communication. You will never feel forced into a treatment plan. When you are a patient at Kevin Farnsworth Orthodontics, you will always feel that he is working with you, not on you.

A family man with a family practice

Though he started practicing in 2017, Dr. Farnsworth has already treated thousands of patients. He attributes his success to the caring, comfortable, and relaxing family-like environment he has created. As a loving husband and caring father of young children, he brings the same level of care and compassion he has with his own family into the office every day. Knowing that you feel cared for, and that your life is made better through the treatment he provides is what drives him to show up and be the best, most caring orthodontist in San Antonio, Texas.

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Dr. Farnsworth’s practice is totally unique. He takes pride in personally completing every aspect of patient treatment. Nothing is ever delegated or contracted out. Whether its completing diagnostic records, making adjustments and repairs, or even fabricating retainers, Dr. Farnsworth personally does it all. You will never feel like just another appointment to get through, and you will seldom find a doctor with an as hands-on approach as Dr. Farnsworth.

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